Get the tools and inspiration to bring your ideas to life with the help of most notable Estonian entrepreneurs and mentors. 


Where do good ideas come from?

Steve Johnson in his book Where Good Ideas Come From says “Chance favors the connected mind”. In the same titled panel we will ask our panelists where their ideas come from, how do they know if their ideas are any good and what it takes them to find it out.


Idea Generation workshop

Each and every one of us has a method or two to break their minds free from the usual patterns and generate new ideas. Trigger cards is a new way to do that. It is a set of cards with "what if" questions that open paths to solve whatever creative project you are facing to immediately spark new ideas.


e-Estonia session

Data-driven endeavor connecting various e-service databases, both in the public and private sector, is saving in total more than 800 years of working time for the state and citizens annually. Let's explore how such an ambitious idea has been brought to life.


Business Model Innovation session

Business Model Canvas is one the most popular tool to visualise and analyse business ideas. Combining that with 55 patterns that most of the businesses follow, it enables to innovate already existing business models. In this session we will take JA Alumni business models as examples and discover how it works. Best results will be presented on stage.


Company visits

Let’s discover how real entrepreneurs in Estonia start and keep their companies successful through the ever-changing economic and technological climate. Each group will visit 2 different businesses from different fields to get inspired in a more private setting than the conference venue. 


Startup Estonia session

Did you know that every other student in Estonian universities wants to be an entrepreneur? In this session, head of Startup Estonia, will tell how we have become such an entrepreneurial country and what makes Estonia irresistible also for foreign founders.