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Get the tools and inspiration to bring your ideas to life with the help of most notable Estonian entrepreneurs and mentors. 


Idea Generation session

The goal of this session is to learn where good ideas come from and share and discover new methods for generating them. Participants and invited to share their experiences in groups, synthesise and present the methods they would like to try in the future.


e-Estonia session

Data-driven endeavor connecting various e-service databases, both in the public and private sector, is saving in total more than 800 years of working time for the state and citizens annually. Let's explore how such an ambitious idea has been brought to life.


Business Model Innovation session

Business Model Canvas is one the most popular tool to visualise and analyse business ideas. Combining that with 55 patterns that most of the businesses follow enables to innovate already existing business modes. In this session we will take JA Alumni business models as examples and discover how it works. Best results will be presented on stage


Company visits

Let’s discover how do real entrepreneurs in Estonia start and keep their companies successful through the ever-changing economic and technological climate. Each group will visit 3 different businesses from different fields to get inspired in a more private setting than the conference venue. 


4+ days full of inspiring speakers and sessions to give your entrepreneurial ideas a boost. All in the trendiest locations of Tallinn. Take advantage of the extra activities we have organized for you to take the most of your time in Estonia.


Day 0 | 28.08

Day tour out of Tallinn
Tuesday – Wednesday

Welcome to Estonia. Estonia is known for its well preserved wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Come and take a look: hike in the bog and spend the night in the countryside, where sauna is an inseparable part of a proper evening.

Day 1 | 29.08

Museum visit

Opening dinner

Welcome to Tallinn. If you arrive early join us for a museum visit. Later in the evening we will open the conference in one of the coolest venues of Telliskivi

Day 2 | 30.08

Idea generation session

Inspiration from an entrepreneur

Teamwork session

Spa night

Let's explore where good ideas come from, and put the newly learned skills into action in the idea generation session. After lunch we will get inspired by an Estonian entrepreneur and learn about the importance of teamwork. The night will have a relaxing end in the hotel spa. 


Day 3 | 31.08

e-Estonia session

Business Model Innovation

Inspiration from an entrepreneur

Company visits

Estonian heritage and networking in fresh air

How to bring such ambitious projects as e-Estonia to life? How to take an existing business and revolutionize it? Let's explore how several Estonian businesses have done this.

Day 4 | 01.09

Design thinking session

Panel discussion with entrepreneurs

Gala dinner

What is design and how to think design? Hear about the ins and outs of entrepreneurs' lives in the panel discussion between people who know it from their own experience. In the afternoon, get ready for the spectacular gala at Vaba Lava

Day 5 | 02.09

Tallinn tour

Museum visit


Sleep in and relax. We will be winding down with a walking tour in Tallinn, and optional museum visit with dinner in local restaurants, should you stay for longer.

If you have more time in Tallinn, check out more cool stuff from

extra activities

Estonia has to offer much more than we can fit into the program. We have organized some extra events for you so you can get the most out of your trip to Estonia.